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A pure life.
A life of dynamism of vim and vigor

Express your brand's personality delight users.

Drink our mineral water
and feel the taste of freshness

Enjoy the ultimate refreshing experience.

Our Mineral water will give you
an ultimate refreshing experience

Drink to believe the uniqueness it has!.

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Extension issues are supported at no extra cost!

Celebrity Packaged
Drinking Water

With Added Minerals.

Available in Sizes - 250 ml | 500 ml | 1 ltr

with new GAC and Spring Technology

About Us

Celebrity is the brand of Citylike group established in 2018 under the firm Citylike Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. in Madhya Pradesh. We value teamwork, hard work, networking, innovative ideas, quality of product which is why our product is rich in quality and manufactured carefully while keeping in mind about the cleanliness and responsibilities. We ensure to provide our customers as well as our business partners a satisfactory and trusted relation.

Our Vision

We visualise to become the biggest influential industry that enlightens people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a satisfactory, healthy premium quality of water to every citizen in our country.